McCray Martin Productions is a full service production company based in Miami, FL with experience across the United States, Caribbean, and Europe.  We act as a one-stop-shop and apply a comprehensive approach to production services.  Every project has its own set of unique needs and challenges.  MMP adheres to a personalized, detail-oriented strategy to ensure that every client is given our full attention.  Available 24/7 from the start of prep through the completion of wrap, our team prides itself on providing our clients with the highest level of service and care.  

See below for an abbreviated list of production services offered:

  • Personalized Producers/Production Managers
  • Budget Management (Estimates, Working Budget, Actualized Budget, Wrap Accounting)
  • Talent Casting (Real Time/Web Delivery)
  • Location Services (Scouting/Management)
  • Insurance/Permits
  • Transportation (SUVs, Vans, Motorhomes, Chauffeur Service)
  • Crew (Photographers, Directors of Photography, Gaffers, Photo Assistants, Digital Techs, Production Assistants, etc)
  • Equipment Rental (Camera, Lighting, Grip, Production)
  • Props/Set Building 
  • Catering
  • Post Production (Editing/Digital Tech)
  • International Services (Carnet, Customs, Immigration)